front end developmentlots of experience gathered over the years

HTML5 is the new standard for websites, following XHTML and regular HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). High proficiency, with or without Twitter Bootstrap.

CSS defines the graphical appearance of the website. It brings colour in your life. CSS3 offers lots of new features. This is also where responsiveness for mobile devices happens.

Javascript makes the page interactive, I have worked with the native language and a number of libraries. The most interesting are JQuery and Angular.js

Google Analytics and SEO play a constant part in my work day. Make your website visible to search engines and measure the outcome. Pay if you have to.

back end developmentdifferent angles

ASP.NET runs on IIS in the Microsoft world. I prefer coding it with C#. The comfort of Object Oriented Programming (00P) makes it very consistent to work with. The content mangagement system Kentico runs on it, which I am very proficient with.

PHP is the Linux competition and was my weapon of choice for many years, including my university years. Easy to code but difficult to manage OOP. I used to work a lot with the content management system Joomla!.

SQL and MySQL are both relational databases with a very similar syntax. Tables, views, and queries are in my standard repertoire.

web design and layout my creative side

Photoshop, you can't live without it. My favourite program to design web pages. I worked hard to get fluent in it and it keeps growing.

Creative suite, the rest of the lot. There are many others I have worked with: Dreamweaver when the HTML becomes really tricky, Fireworks when I click on a png, Illustrator when there is a logo to be worked on, Indesign when print is involved, and I used to be a Flash specialist. But Photoshop still wins for me.

3D Max was one of the big challenges I took on in my university years. Very interesting field, but not enough time to practice.

theoretical knowledgethings I have learned

There are many things I have learned at University. Unfortunately I can't use them all, but good excercise.

Object Oriented Programming is a very common programming style. I have studied it in C#, C++ and Java. I opens up a whole lot of opportunities.

PL/SQL and Data warehousing. Databases can get really tricky, concurrency, procedures, normalisation are really interesting but make your head spin.

Project Management is really interesting because it determines how efficiently you can work as a team. Especially "Agile Project Management" is the prominent style for software and website development. I have worked in strictly agile teams, I had Uni subjects on it and I read several interesting books about it.